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+ Project Management

+ Urban Design

+ Civil Engineering

+ Surveying


+ Landscape Architecture

+ Town Planning

+ Interior Design


2009 ---- present

CLIENT     Gwynvill Pty Ltd


Ocean Club Resort is a large Master Planned Over 50’s residential development (302 homes and community facilities) located in Lake Cathie south of Port Macquarie. King and Campbell have been responsible for all aspects of the planning and design of the project, including, site layout, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying, town planning, civil engineering and project management.

The complex includes a full suite of community and recreational facilities, including a large multi-use building.  The multi-use building is used as a clubhouse, dance hall, library, movie theatre, social hub and general meeting space.  This building is a drawcard for the development and is in constant use.

The project has won many industry awards including the prestigious 2014 UDIA NSW Award for Affordable Development.

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