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The final stage of Glenview Park Estate, Stage 8, has commenced civil construction. This is the last stage of the 238 lot residential subdivision located in Wauchope, Yippin Creek.

The developer and project manager for the estate has been Glenview Wauchope Pty Ltd. King & Campbell Pty Ltd have been the lead consultant on the project, providing town planning, urban design, surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and technical assistance services. J Newton Civil Construction Pty Ltd have been the lead civil contractor for all stages.

Stage 1 (28 lots) of Glenview Park Estate commenced construction in 2014, and the demand for new housing lots in the estate has not slowed down since. The residential subdivision proceeded in the following stages:

Stage 2 - 48 lots

Stage 3 & 4 - 58 lots

Stage 5 & 6 - 52 lots

Stage 7 - 23 lots

Stage 8 - 29 lots

Glenview Park Estate Staging Plan

King & Campbell completed the engineering detailed design using the computer software 12d Model. This included road, earthworks, stormwater, sewer and water modelling and design. King & Campbell have prepared a digital data file from the 12d Model for the contractor to use as machine control during construction (alongside the construction plan set). The 3D model for Stage 8 is illustrated below.

Glenview Park Estate - King & Campbell Digital Design Model

The time-lapse photography below, from March 2012 to April 2020, illustrates the progressive development of Glenview Park Estate.


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